Nursing Practice & Patient Care


Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model is a graphic representation of nursing practice at Conway Regional. Patient and family centered care is at the center of the model, with the hands representing direct care providers. The logo is circular, which not only resembles the many roundabouts in Conway, it also serves as a symbol of patients and employees coming in and out of Conway from the communities we serve and that our employees call home. Surrounding it all are the Conway Regional core values.

The words on the spokes of the CRHS Professional Practice Model describe our professional clinical practice. Each word is representative of our values and care philosophies, better known as our iCARE values. These encircle and reinforce our overall practice. Regardless of the department in which they work, these words resonate with each CRHS nurse. They help describe how nurses deliver care in their areas, collaborate with other disciplines and develop professionally so high-quality patient care can be delivered to our patients.

Quality Outcomes

Conway Regional Health System is accountable to the community to provide high-quality, compassionate health care services. We have an organized and integrated system for continuous performance improvement that contributes to the accomplishment of our mission and strategic plan.

Our objective is to continuously improve the delivery, quality, safety, efficiency, costs and outcomes of patient care. This is accomplished through a systematic examination of information provided through a variety of processes which include monitoring, evaluation, and continuous improvement activities. Goals include:

  • Support CRHS’ mission and strategic plan by integrating performance improvement activities and quality planning throughout CRHS
  • Design processes and evaluate outcomes to reduce variation in delivery of care, effectively reduce medical/health system errors and improve patient and process flow.
  • Improve effectiveness across the continuum of care by facilitating interdepartmental communication through improvement initiatives
  • Maintain continuous compliance with regulatory and accrediting agency requirements
  • Proactive risk assessment and resolution of risks to patient safety
Nursing Performance Improvement Dashboards

Clinical nurses are responsible for delivering the high-quality, compassionate healthcare services mentioned in the Conway Regional Health System mission statement. To that end, they need to be aware of performance in quality outcomes specific to their units and to be engaged in improving performance.  Nursing PI Dashboards are available to nursing units which provide monthly, unit-level quality data to frontline nursing staff and leaders to allow for easy review, analysis, and trending to improve care delivery processes.


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