Sorry, the 2021 deadline has passed for applications for the Partnership for Clinical Excellence.


  1. Partnership for Clinical Excellence. This program is mutually beneficial to Conway Regional and the BSN nursing students at the University of Central Arkansas. Conway Regional Health System (CRHS) and Conway Regional Health Foundation (CRHF) agree to provide financial support to certain students who enroll in and graduate from the UCA BSN program with the outcome of hiring such graduates at CRHS.

  2. Program Enrollment.
    a. Applicants must meet UCA’s entry non-conditional Program Enrollment Criteria and be accepted into the UCA BSN program.
    b. Applicants must demonstrate the CRHS values of Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.
    c. CRHS and CRHF will have the opportunity to meet each PCE candidate approved for enrollment with UCA and participate in the selection of the candidates who enter into the PCE program. Ultimately, UCA will remain responsible for all enrollment decisions.
    d. Throughout enrollment in the program, each student will be paired with a CRHS-appointed liaison.
    e. PCE candidates must acknowledge CRHS’ role in the mentoring Program, agree to conduct a portion of training at one or more of CRHS’ sites, and agree to seek employment, applying for at least three (3) nursing positions with CRHS prior to graduation from the PCE program. Failure to meet minimum CRHS hiring requirements including but not limited to those listed below will be obligated to repay any scholarship money received:
    i. RN licensure
    ii. Successful completion of nicotine, drug, and criminal background screens
    If the applicant does not meet these requirements they will be obligated to repay any scholarship money received.
    f. Applicants must commit to working for CRHS for a minimum of 24 months following graduation, if selected. Recipients who are offered a nursing position and do not fulfill the 24-month employment requirement must repay any funds received from the PCE program.
    g. Recipients must complete a memorandum of understanding and promissory agreement with UCA committing to the 24-month employment requirement.

  3. PCE Loan/Scholarship. Each scholarship will be for $2,500 per semester ($5,000 in total per enrollee per year throughout the two-year PCE program). The scholarship recipient must agree to remain employed by CRHS for a minimum period of 24 months following graduation from UCA and passage of all licensing job requirements. Recipients who do not fulfill the 24-month employment requirement must repay funds received from the PCE program to the UCA Foundation on a pro-rata basis depending on how many months of employment were completed.

  4. Application Process. Complete the online application including the names and contact information for 2 – 4 references and an essay explaining in 200 words or less why you would like to work for Conway Regional Health System. An interview will be required for successful applicants. Decisions will be made and applicants notified in time to receive the funds for the fall semester.

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